• Join the Do It Yourself movement (DIY) and save
  • Access hundreds of thousands of aftermarket parts and accessories at dealer cost plus 15%
  • Save even more on monthly closeouts!
    (Example: New full-face helmets for less than $30! Or save $50 to $100 on a set of tires.)
  • Expert advice and training
  • Sell your clean and unneeded gear
  • Meet and interact with distributor's reps.
  • Free product seminars by factory reps.
  • Members' rides, campouts and parties
  • Help support and strengthen your community shop
  • Receive service incentives for bringing in new members
  • Meet like-minded enthusiasts and new riding companions
  • Annual membership fee only $100

CALL AND JOIN NOW: 269.388.5590

The Pitch


  • Access world's largest aftermarket power sports distributors for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and scooters.
  • Expert advice and guidance available.
  • Purchase most of you parts, apparel and accessories for 15% over dealer cost plus tax.
  • Save huge by taking advantage of monthly distributor closeouts.
  • Strengthens and supports your local shop that is there for you.
  • We supply space for you to sell your good unused gear at no charge.


  • In-house seminars by manufacturer representatives. (tires, gear, etc)
  • Meet and interact with local distributors' representatives.
  • Peek inside the industry. Have opportunities to get the inside line on events and new products.


  • Save money all year long. A single purchase — say a set of tires — could be %50 to $100 off our regular price.
  • More members equates to greater buying power and more club perks.
  • Receive a free hydraulic system flush (during regular lift time) with successful referral.
  • Meet like minded enthusiasts.
  • Find new friends to ride with.


  • Member rides, street, dual sport, off road, etc. Take initiative and create your own adventure for the club.
  • In house parties and ride ins.
  • Local tours. (Bells, St. Julian's, etc.)
  • Overnight local campouts with big bonfires.

CALL AND JOIN NOW: 269.388.5590

How DIY Works

Do It Yourself:

  • Join Life Cycle's DIY club for $1000 annual membership.
  • Access the parts or accessories you want to order from our distributors.
  • Input you part number, quantity, your name on the site.
  • Double check all your numbers!
  • Check availability.
  • Paying with cash, credit card, debit or check add 15% and tax to counter ticket along with your name and payment method. if you prefer using credit card we must pass their fees along so add $5 up to $100 & $5 for every $100 increment.
  • Present ticket along with payment to cashier and receive receipt.
  • Mistakes can lead to shipping and restock fees that you are responsible for.
  • There is no return on close out items.
  • Please shop with distributor catalogs. Computers are primarily for your ordering on our designated sites. Any other use could lead to termination of membership and banishment from Life Cycle LLC.
  • Members understand that benefits are for their personal use. Three gift purchases are allowed annually.
  • Of course there will be occasional products unavailable throughout the club.

We Will:

  • Provide access to the world's largest motorcycle, ATV, UTV, snowmobile and scooter distributors.
  • Train you on the distributor's sites.
  • Allow you to purchase aftermarket parts, accessories and clothing at dealer cost plus 15%.
  • Help you scan orders and tickets for obvious errors.
  • Handle payment.
  • Receive orders and check them in.
  • Most aftermarket orders will be received in one or two shipping days. OEM and specialty parts do take longer.
  • Provide expert guidance and advice.
  • Organize product demonstrations and seminars by industry insiders with manufacturer representatives.
  • Provide space to consignment sell your unwanted gear.
  • Offer members a free hydraulic system flush with successful referral.
  • Organize rides, camp outs, tours, cookouts and parties.

CALL AND JOIN NOW: 269.388.5590